Evidence of spectrum distorsion
of reactor anti-nu (March 2005)

(on 2/01/07 received 430 citations)
First KamLAND paper (Jan. 2003)
(on 2/01/07 received 1275 citations)
KamLAND Geoneutrino Paper
(Published in Nature July 2005)
KamLAND search of solar anti-nu
KamLAND Collaborators' Photo
(Sep 8, 2002)

                     First KamLAND result on geo-neutrinos published in Nature July-28-2005
             see Nature website where you will find full text and pdf file of geo-neutrino article from Nature                                                         
                   see also talk of A.Kozlov at NANP'05
and Stanford University Geoneutrino Website
                         most recent talk of A. Kozlov at International Workshop on Neutrino Masses
                                      and Mixings,  Shizuoka University, Japan December 17-19 (2006)

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